Thursday, October 2, 2008


Hey, Guys! We've just created this new blog. We will try to keep it updated with any news we get. You can help: if you have some news, e-mail or call 817-548-9815 and we'll get it added.

Right now, we're just going to post the schedule for October and the latest news about Lake Arlington.

Date Director Greeter Greeter Greeter

6 Oct. Tom Chick Fred Quarles Dave Gooch Garland Smith
Memorial 817-274-9434
Tournament RAINED OUT

13 Oct. Tom Chick Wally Forson Jim Roberts Pat Ferrerio

20 Oct. Tom Chick John Feuling Al Becker Joe Scheiber
ABCD 4-man

27 Oct. Don Shelton Charlie Machala John Skidmore Kurt
Playda Schnellenback

October Monthly Meeting: 30 October @ Senior Center @2:00 p.m.

Lake Arlington Status: We'll be playing Lake Arlington in November!

Hope the Grandbury Fall Outing gang had a great time.